Hello! Welcome to Kristy Kieda’s Blog.

I want to start this blog off by stating my purpose. I am a health oriented high-energy individual who loves to write! I love to communicate through many forms of media, but this is a special opportunity for me because it is all my own.

I will be using this blog to talk about current health issues, suggestions and tips, training information for races and triathlons (it would be my first triathlon). I also enjoy nature, sports and cooking, so those topics will undoubtedly show up in this blog.

I volunteer frequently, through many organizations (there are so many worthy causes it is hard to pick just one) and I work in education and tutor students, as well as adults struggling to grasp ESL studies. I also enjoy acting, and hope to audition for some places this winter.

I tend to get my finger into many pots, partly because I have so many interests, but also to keep things interesting. My latest venture is in marketing, where I plan to learn all of the tools that good copywriters use (I’m well on my way), and eventually I will branch out to freelance. I like having a permanent job though, I enjoy the sense of community, and it can be helpful to have the opportunity to work as a team.

To give you a sense of who I am, I will give the basics. I grew up in Grand Rapids proper and I attended high school in Comstock Park, Michigan.
During my senior year and after high school, I attended Grand Rapids Community College, and eventually moved down to Ohio to attend The Ohio State University and graduate with a BA in political science. Though politics are my passion, I doubt I will mention them much in this blog (or religion for that matter).

I have held a variety of positions over the years, a lot of customer service based, the hospitality industry put me through college (yes, I had to pay my own way), and teaching (my family has a long history in education, so they are always encouraging me in that direction). I have decided that marketing and business is my future, so that is where I am heading now. I will be attending Cornerstone University for my Masters of Business Administration this winter. Michigan’s economy has been hit hard, but I have faith that things will get better, and I am still trying to find a full time job in my field of interest.

My mom lives a half-mile from me in this country corner of the county so that might indicate how close my family is to each other.   I love them a lot too. I have one mom, one dad, one step dad, one blood brother, one non blood brother who was raised with us, two ex stepsiblings, one current stepsister, and an aunt and a grandma that I see frequently. I am polish so I have a huge family on the other side, but we aren’t as close. I do see many of my polish cousins on a regular basis, as we are close in age and like to hang out together.

I have one cat named Roxi, acquired from my friend who is also my neighbor. Researchers released a study this year that showed that people get more of their satisfaction in life from their neighbors than from any other people, including their spouse, family and friends. I have two wonderful neighbors that I see frequently, and I can attest to the validity of that study. Rhonda and Jasmine rock!

That is probably plenty to start, so I hope you will visit this blog frequently, and feel free to post comments (keep ‘em clean please!) 🙂