Well, I will have to create a schedule or goal to keep this blog current,

I am thinking one a week.

My big news: I am starting my Master’s in Business Administration sooner than I thought.  I start November 09, 2009, so that is about two weeks away.  It is a little daunting, but I am sure once I start the program, I will really enjoy it.  Being in school helps me to keep a strong sense of direction.

It is also pushing me to step up my job search to find a position in the right company, in the right field!  I know where I want to be, I just need to figure out how to get there.  I have been trying to utilize Michigan Works, as their mission statement is to get people employed, but dealing with bureaucracies tends to involve a lot of red tape, move snail slow and get a different answer from every person you ask.  I will keep trying, as my taxes do fund the program, I would like to take some benefit from it as well.

On the travel front, I am taking a trip to Philadelphia, the first capital of the United States and site of the Liberty Bell, which I will most surely visit.  I have a few other travel plans for the area over the weekend, and then it is back to cloudy West Michigan.  this will likely be the last trip I take for a while, excepting ski trips a few hours north of my home.

On the health front, I chose not to take either flu vaccine after doing extensive research into their ingredients and deeming their toxicity outweighed any benefits: I still remain flu free.  Despite having been around contagious people last week.  Either the flu isn’t as aggressive as THEY claimed, or I have immunity built up, plus a healthy immune system.  I am taking extra immune boosting vitamins to prepare for my plane ride Thursday…If I do get sick, hopefully I won’t die, or suffer severe paralyzation.  On the same note, if I worried that much about everything, I would never drive my car again for fear of paralyzation and death.  🙂

Not wanting to get morbid, so moving on to healthy foods.  I am trying to organize a healthy foods lunch at my work (the health company) and I coming against strong opposition for people who apparently want to poison themselves with processed chemicals.  I am not sure why you would want to work for a health company and not actually pursue good health.  Crazy.  So far we have four people on board, including me.  It will be an “intimate lunch” lol.

Every Monday morning, first thing, I spend an hour looking up interesting health related articles, for ideas on hot topics.  It is often surprising what I find, both on natural news sites, and in the main stream media.  I recommend everyone try it and it will soon enough begin to open your eyes to many things, good and disappointing.

I am going to be trying out some new dishes for the healthy foods lunch, so if they turn out tasting spectacular, I will share the recipes here.

Signing off!