Does time fly? I have always heard that expression, but it doesn’t ring true to me. Time seems to sneak away into the night, never to be heard from again. People try to “save” time, which is like “saving” water in a leaky canteen, or “make” time, which I am fairly certain bends the laws of physics. So if time can’t fly, and we can’t make it or save it, what to do when time goes sneaking out the back door?

Use time wisely. time can definitely be used, wasted, spent. Time almost seems like a currency, and really, it is. Time is the currency of you, your value, to yourself and the world. People trade you currency at your job for your personal currency, which is your time. Is it becoming clearer now? Time in your life is limited, finite, and the most important thing you own.

So own your time! Don’t let the time robbers or your job waste your life away. Respect you inner self, use some of your time, your currency, for yourself, instead of trading it for a dollar.

Lately, I have felt like I am over committed and under fed spiritually. And then I realized, all i need to do to change my situation is adjust where I am spending my time! Seems simple enough, but it can be hard to say “No”.  “No, I can’t help you with this project, I am going to yoga.” (or bed, dinner, or any other activity that you need to nourish your body and mind.)

So I am prioritizing, on paper, where exactly I need to spend my time, want to spend my time, and the time that is left over has been pledged for relaxing, rather than pursuing yet another lofty goal (when I haven’t yet finished my last lofty goal).

So I ask you, dear reader, how do you spend your time? Do you have enough? Can you spend your time budget differently? Or is your life balanced? We like to hear success stories too 🙂