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There are so many sayings and famous quotes out there that address struggle. The Bible says that God will never throw any problems at you that you aren’t strong enough to handle. You will only get as much as you can take. Struggle is simply a part of life.

I have often wondered, do the people regurgitating these ideas have to struggle often? Are they constantly faced with a down side? Have they ever been pushed slowly downhill, and cannot claw their way back up? I somehow doubt it. It sounds like the musings of someone who has had a few down times, but never truly suffered.

People who have really suffered won’t be caught saying these faux optimisms, they know better! They have seen people who have everything thrown at them, and they fail. They don’t rebound, they can’t handle everything that is thrown at them. How do you think people end up in halfway houses, in mental wards, or a suicidal frame of mind?

These are the questions I have wanted to ask people lately when they have tried to trivialize my own personal struggle, rather than simply acknowledge it as a rough time that will likely not last forever (or at least not too long). I actually feel blessed to be dealing with some of my recent struggles.

I complained that I had no job, ’til I met a man who had no skills.

I have family, friends, and a great community around me, all of whom are willing to step up and help when they can, or at least offer some support. Yet I keep meeting people who try to minimize the plight of the unemployed, not just for me, but for others whom I see struggling with the same issues.

The threat of eviction, defaulting on loans, having to beg for help, loss of dignity, the loss of the ability to care for one’s self….these are all issues that people facing unemployment have to deal with. All I ask for them, and me, is simply compassion and an empathic ear.  Just listen, maybe offer a hug, and if you have job leads to offer, don’t mention it unless you plan on actually following through and sending them your down and out friend’s way…

If you have a steady job, count yourself lucky, but don’t expect that it might never happen to you. Prepare yourself as best you can, treat your unemployed peeps with compassion, and pray that everything will turn out just fine…

If the government keeps granting those extensions 😉


Carols sung sweetly
Angels voices descended
From high up above

Brightly lit houses
Candles twinkling merrily
Inviting you in

Friends and Family
Gather together with joy
Gratitude glowing